MiniArquitect has been created with the aim of offering unique
models of houses in which architectural logic is blended, from
both formal and functional viewpoints.

The result is a construction in that the spaces are proportionate and distributed in a organized way in order to gain perspectives unknown in this type of miniatures.

With the purpose of enhancing this feeling of realism, light plays a fundamental part, as it does in real life architecture, so that one resorts as much as to complex and elaborate exterior carpentry as to a flexible electrical installation, which allows one to combine iluminated areas with others in shadow, affording independence not only to each room but also to parts of some of the rooms (the main living area has up to three mini-switches connected to different light sources).

The house is built around a fixed wooden structure upon which each room is assembled in a drawer system. The rooms are entirely interior decorated according to customary models for buildings of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and incorporate the electrical installation on the outside, which remains hidden by fitting it into the structure. In such a way, all the walls may be seen, even the common dividing walls.

The work is carried out entirely as a craft, and the techniques and finishes are selected so as to match reality as far as posible, and, where scale permits, the same materials are used.

miniarquitect real